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Petar Krešimir ĆavarPetar Kresimir Ćavar, a professional designer graduated at  the School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, University of  Zagreb in 1997. Previously, in 1990 he graduated  the Graphic Arts at the School for Applied Arts and Design, Zagreb, in the class of  professor N.Poljan,  with honors,  on the theme of making multicolored posters in screen printing. Until 2009 he worked as a graphic designer in two advertising agencies, printing office CFB, and cartoon studio "Croatia film“, Zagreb –as the retoucher of airbrushed film templates. During that period in the agencies he participated in several national and international festivals in the field of advertising and visual communications. Within the agency Unicum Media, he won the Grand Prix at the International Festival "Magdalena, 2005 ', Maribor, for the graphic design of the logo" Open Radio ".  After that he founded his own graphic design studio „PK4“. He is engaged with the design of visual identity, graphic design, posters, flyers, brochures, books layout, packaging design, illustrations and photography. Recently, with Ada Kezić, he also realized several projects related to product design.

His main motto is: "Always before using the lasso tool, check the feather".


Kontakt: mob. +385 98 609854

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