LAKO eco FU(rni)TURE system

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LAKO eco FU(rni)TURE system

design: Ada Kezić, MA Design
year of realisation: 2013
photo: Dražen Lapić


LAKO is a system of stools, benches and shelves of solid wood. It consists of square frames, transverse elements and panels joined together with a modified classical dovetailing joint and without any metal fastenings.

The mortises are found in the frames, joined by the transverse elements and panel, while the nib is in fact a strut that joins two mortises into one throughout its length.

The square frames of the shelving system serve as supports for shelves and backs. First of all the backs are placed on the square frames, and the shelves are then fitted in between back and frame.

The shelves can be built up in modular manner both height and width. Easy to assemble, it is made of solid wood - Croatian oak, beech or ash, surface-treated with mixture of organic oils and waxes.


Exhibitions & Fairs:

  • 2014 Exhibition of AfID members, Ambienta, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2014 Exhibition of Croatian design 2013-2014, MUO, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2014 ART ECO exhibition, gallery Karas, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2014 Exhibition "Wood is the first" , Greenvest, Zagreb
  • 2014 Exhibition "Wood is the first", Furnitura, Split, Croatia
  • 2014 Exhibition "Wood is the first", Promohotel, Poreč, Croatia
  • 2014 Imm Cologne, Koeln, Germany
  • 2013 Stockholm Furniture fair, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2013 Solid Acts–Design from Croatia, Superstudio Più–Temporary Museum for New Design 2013, Italy
  • 2013 Solid Acts–Design from Croatia, Center for Design, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2013 Exhibition WIF, Viroexpo, Virovitica, Croatia
  • 2013 Exhibition WIF, Furnitura, Split, Croatia
  • 2013 Exhibition WIF, Promohotel, Poreč, Croatia 
  • 2013 Taets Zaandam District Design  - Interior Design Fair, Nederland
  • 2013 Exhibition of AfID members, Center for design, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2013 Exhibition of AfID members, Ambienta fair, Zagreb, Croatia



2013 ambienta - silver plaque Mobil Optimum, Ambienta, Zagreb, Croatia







contact: Ada Kezić
mob. +385/95/9021044

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