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Wellness office - DEX office furniture

design: Ada Kezić, MA design, Darko Špiljarić MA architecture
associates: Darko Pavlović, mechanical engineer
year of realization: 2008


People who work at the computer more than 10 hours a day, such as architects, designers, programmers, journalists and others, should change their working position as many times as possible.

Built in lifting system of working desks are adjusting the height of working area from 60 cm from the floor up to 125 cm, allowing the customer the change of posture from sitting, to standing position.

Mobile cabinets and chests of drawers (DEX DEX Uno and Due) have adequate solutions for the storage of stationery, paper, folders, binders and other work supplies.  


Awards & Appreciations:

  • 2008 ambienta - golden plaque Mobil Optimum (for Wellness office)
  • 2008 ambienta - special acknowledgement for the high level of overall performance                                                                        



  • 2008 ambienta Zagreb






contact: Ada Kezić
mob. +385/95/9021044



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