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Wellness office - DEXPULL ergonomic desk

design: Ada Kezić, MA design
associates: Darko Pavlović, mechanical engineer
year of realization: 2008


Ergonomic desk DEX PULL intended primarily for furnishing of exclusive offices.

Built in lifting system of desk with adjustable height of working area allows customer to work in a sitting and standing position.

It can also be used in residential areas as a part of the kitchen like a dining table or counter.

Because of its various sizes in left or right position, it suites easily to different purposes areas.


Awards & Appreciations:

  • 2008 ambienta - golden plaque Mobil Optimum (for Wellness office)
  • 2008 ambienta - special acknowledgement for the high level of overall performance                                                                        



  • 2008 ambienta Zagreb





contact: Ada Kezić
mob. +385/95/9021044



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