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LAGARTA - program of furniture for living rooms

design: Ada Kezić, MA design
associates: development team Ferenčić Ltd.
year of realization: 2009


LAGARTA (caterpillar)

"Lagarta" represents modular system elements for store, which as its name, "caterpillar", is marking the significant potential and reduced growth, and adaptations of movement in all directions.

Functionally designed as a modular system of open-closed locker-boxes, the caterpillar has the purpose to define the style and characteristics of modern space for each user according to their wishes and preferences.

The possibility of changing shapes and patterns provide flexibility to the needs and tastes of each individual.

Stacking elements reminiscent of the children's game of blocks stacking, so that the design of the living room should be maximum simplified and thus should provide each user all freedom of expressing their creativity.

How all the elements are modular, after some time, if we want to change the aesthetic-functional character of the living room, a simple redistribution of elements, or even just changing the color of the door, gets a new look for the living room.


Awards & Appreciations:

  • 2009 ambienta - silver plaque Mobil Optimum  
  • 2009 ambienta - special acknowledgement for the high level of overall performance
  • 2009 ambienta - compliment for the high quality and product design



  • 2009 ambienta Zagreb  







contact: Ada Kezić
mob. +385/95/9021044

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