Matches 123

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Match 1, Match 2, Match 3 (floor lamp high, medium, low)

Design: Ada Kezić, MA Design
Year of reaization: 2014


Inspired by the story of "The Little Match Girl" as shown in Marcela Hajdinjak's illustrations for the exhibition "Beyond the literary margins" the motive of matches was chosen as the main design element.

Using fir wood as the body of a match and the light bulb as the head of a match, taking care of the the proportions, we got a luminaire that its shape resembles the match.

A lighted bulb symbolizes a lighted match and wood as the basic material so the light provided by the light bulb gives a feeling of warmth that normally feel when we light up the match..3 different heights show just burning match, half-burned and burned match ...






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Brand ETO
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